When will Lion Line Logistic deliver my parcel?
How will I know when my parcel has arrived?
Will the person receiving my parcel pay import duty?
Can I send a parcel to a PO Box?
Why do I need to enter the recipient's e-mail address?


What should I do if my parcel is delayed or lost?
Can I have my parcel delivered to a different address?
I have not received a shipment number. What should I do?
What happens if the parcel can't be delivered?


How do I track my recent packages?
What payment methods can I use to pay for the services?
How can I pay my duties and taxes?
Is Insurance Required?
What items are prohibited on International Express?

frequently asked questions

It's past the expected delivery date. Why hasn't the shipment been delivered?
Why hasn't my shipment progress been updated?
What is needed to track my shipment?
What are the payment terms?
What is Flex® Global View and how do I use it?
Does my quote expire?
What is included in a quote?
What is not included in a quote?
What are common charges?
What is dimensional weight?